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Early 2000's Chevy 2500HD

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Early 2000's Chevy 2500HD

LuscombePilot LuscombePilot
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Posted: 10/30/12
04:26 PM


I am looking for an early 2000's Chevy 2500HD, preferably for less than $10,000 (as I am still in high school and do not have piles of cash sitting around). I live in Northern Idaho, and am going to go the college up here, so I need a good snow truck. Are there any issues that I should know about before getting one of these trucks? Do you know of any that are for sale? I have heard that sometimes the injectors can be a problem on these trucks? Is this true? I do not plan on driving it hard, my house is an hour and a half away from the college, so just driving home on holidays and driving in town, there is a possibility however of a few trips to California in it? How reliable are these trucks?